vineri, 16 septembrie 2016

The best way to get a transfer to Otopeni aiport

If you need transport service to the Otopeni airport I recommend choosing a local company, like the Rentcarwithdriver, which has simply great services, a very competitive price and they also have a very good car fleet - that consists of Mercedes cars, luxury cars with great features and anything that a client would need.

Besides the fact that choosing to rent a car with driver from a local company it is going to be better from a financial point of view, there is also the fact that you are going to benefit of a better service, with better quality - the cars will always be clean and the driver is going to be very nice - at least this was our 4 drive experience with a local driver, that was very nice, serviceable and also give us a few tips regarding Bucharest.

Now - after our one week stay in Bucharest I have to say that his tips were simply great and he made our stay here even more pleasant.

As for the city we already visited some parts:
- Herastray Park
- Botanic Garden
- Palace of the Parliament (the bigest in europe)
- The old city center
- Bucharest Therme
- Cismigiu Garden (which in fact is a huge park)
- Antipa natural history museum

And the transfer to Otopeni airport was made by my favourite local company.

The stay in Bucharest was not as cheap as I would expected, but the food was simply great, I have enjoyed all the meals and also the people and the beautiful women.

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